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Sell your gift cards online

Start just like that
Start just like that
No monthly fees, no setup fees, no minimum revenue
gift cards
Sell your
Super easy to use
Digital, mobile and eco-friendly gift card
Super easy to use
Customer shows cashier gift card QR code on smartphone
Cashier scans it to accept gift card in a retail store
Integration with Apple Wallet and Google Pay
Over 2 400 000 gift cards have been sent
try demo card
try demo card
Joyful way of purchasing
Joyful way
of purchasing
& delivering
Delightful experience
Multilingual, easy to buy online
Emotional personalization
Upload a private photo, message, choice of gift
Printed or digital
Any type of gift cards with beautiful gift wrapping
Delivery method of your choice
Email, sms, messengers, social media or by post
In love with nature
Eco-friendly experience and responsible consumption
... with your branding
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try demo widget
The gift card industry in Germany makes up over €13 billion and is expected to reach €21 billion by 2026
Germany Gift Card and Incentive Card Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics (Databook) - Q1 2022 Update (US$13312.0 million in 2022 and US$21410.1 million by 2026)
Super easy launch. Link to your service will be ready in just minutes.
All ready for you!
SaaS all-powerful processing using Blockchain technologies
Bank acquiring service
Integration with SMS service provider
Technical support and customer service
Seamless integration on any site or social media
Cool and user-friendly interfaces
No worries about card delivery
With our real-time card tracking service
And even more cool features
Check balance
Language selection
Group gift
try demo widget
try demo widget
Accept gift cards online
or in-store
Accept gift cards online or in-store
Use our API for POS-terminals
or online tools for any device
Use our API for POS-terminals or online tools for any device
Clear pricing
You pay only % of sold cards
Free live support with integration — we are always here to help!
No minimum revenue
No setup fees
No monthly fees
that we super proud of
We can process any type of gift and loyalty cards or integrate with your current processing
that we
proud of
Over 10 000 000 transactions can be processed in 24 hours
Hey! We are a team of people who are in love with the newest technology and gifting. We create beautiful products that free up time for something more valuable. We believe in personal approach. No barriers, no mistakes, no plastic.
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start just like that
start just like that